Hurricanes in Miami Season Opener theme song 2016 By SoLo D

Miami Hurricanes Season Opener theme song “Throw up the U and U Family”

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Go Canes!!!!!


Chorus (2x) —

Hurricanes in Miami

You throw up THE U then you family

Rockin the Orange and the green

Bout to Go Hard like a Hammer C

Throw Up the U and you family- A

throw up The U and yoU Family N

throw up THE U and YoU family ES

Reppin the canes til my death…



Just had a talk with Sabastian

Say the critics been talking and laughin

Sayin we been soft n been slackin

When the season kicks off we gon smash em

We done tryna bring back the old days

We got a new style with some Old Ways

A bunch of new players thats gon play

Attackin the field like its D Day

We got a new coach a new system

The Players all rallying with em

The Fans gonna fill up the stands

Hurricanes and we back in our Rhythm

Category 305- teams better DUCK and go hide

Comin for Top 25

Go tell FSU thats they time

[Repeat Chorus]