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Miami Dolphins vs Cleveland Browns [Week 3] “Welcome to the Hard Rock”

Miami Dolphins Vs Cleveland Browns [Week 3] “Welcome to the Hard Rock”

Special thanks and shout out to everybody that submitted a video and made an appearance!


We started bad…. But finished good…

Play to our potential man I wish we would

60 minutues Need more control

Now its time to flush the browns down the toilet bowl

0 n 2 ?? Got a bad start, Got me like Red fox with a bad heart

Cant close ya eyes when the movie shows the bad parts

So Im standing wit em going HARD LIKE some Asphalt

They say Cleveland Rocks? Well we do too..

Jones gon make you say his name just like Beetlejuice

If Tannehill gets in his zone you gon see the juice

Davante Parker ringing bells like a cathedral

They always wonder will I keep reppin when we lose?

Over 100 songs in you can see the proof-

I’m kinda crazy still think we can go 14-2

If loving the Dolphins is wrong then i’ll be a fool


Yea YEA yea YEA

Dolphins on the clock

Gotta practice wit the Squad….

Aim for the Top!

At the HardRock-

Welcome to the Hard Rock


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Miami Dolphins vs Cleveland Browns [Week 3] “Welcome to the Hard Rock”