Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles Chargers [Week 2] “Finsup Boltsdown”

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Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles CHARGERS [Week 2] “FINSUP BOLTSDOWN”

Irma caused a lot of devastation and set the season back for a week.   But we are still alive and the Patriots took a major L  so everything is allll good.

SoLo D is off to a good start with this week’s “Finsup Boltsdown”,  a catchy remake of the Kendrick Lamar banger.

Hopefully the Dolphins get off to the same good start out west and knock off the Los Angeles Chargers.

We’ve owned the California teams recently so the squad should be able to keep up the hot streak from last year.

“J Train warming up so don’t get nervous kid.

We landfall in your stadium like Irma did”


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FINS UP!!!!!!

Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles chargers [Week 2] “finsup boltsdown”