Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders [Week 9] “Win It”

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Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders [Week 9] “Win It”

You know what?  We’re not even going to talk about the shut out last week in Baltimore. (Yeah I know) Or the fact that we traded away Ajayi for next to nothing….

Our focus is Oakland this week and we need our secondary to step up and get some turnovers.  (We only have 2 interceptions all season!)  The offense has been inconsistent to say the least.  Having a short field to work with could help Cutler get in a rhythm and allow us to establish an identity.

“..Baltimore they upgraded, left my team frustrated, made us want to chokeslam ’em,  Suh turned to the Undertaker, but we back up at The Rock, feeling like it’s Rock Bottom” – SoLo D

With two new running backs in the lineup, this is key.  The Raiders are underacheiving on both sides of the ball, so this is our chance to get back on track.

SoLo D on the other hand, doesn’t need to get back on track, as he’s back with a remix of a OT Genesis banger.  You can hear the frustrtion in SoLo’s voice (that we all share) as he glides through two verses of “Win It.”

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FINS UP!!!!!!

Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders [Week 9] “Win It”