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Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers [Week 15] “Still Rep”

Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers [Week 15] “Still Rep”

Our season may be officially over but Miami Sports Music and Dolfan Nation STILL REP.

This week Solo flips a hot song by Lil Wayne and Drake to get you pumped for this week’s showdown against the Chargers.

“We doing it for the sport so gotta kill em with adrenaline

Rashad Jones and Vernon brought a box to put Phillip in

Solo D so vicious make em think I’m kin to Eminem

Mortal Kombat at Qualcomm (Stadium) time to Finish EM

Shout out again to all the Dolfans that made an appearance in the video this week!
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To download a copy of “Still Rep” for free you can get it from Reverbnation here.

FINS UP!!!!!