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Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers [Week 16] “Dolphins Fan Pain”

Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers [Week 16] “Dolphins Fan Pain”

It’s frustrating Dolfan Nation.  With all of the talent that we have on the roster, we suffer loss after loss after loss.

But you already know, win, lose or draw we stand behind our team and we are going to continue to keep dropping videos to get you ready for the week!!

This week Solo D pours his heart out with a remix to a somber Post Malone song.

“It’s so embarrassing, the comparisons to the losing team,

But when I look at it, face reality, we’re a losing team,

Only two times to the playoffs out of 15,

Somebody pinch me, wake me up, this is a sick dream”

Also next week is Miami Dolfan video number 100 for Solo D!!!!  Stay tuned to to see it first!!

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Merry Christmas,  Happy Holidays and FINS UP!!!!!

Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers [Week 16]