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Miami Dolphins Vs Seattle Seahawks [Week 1] “Who Do You Love”

Miami Dolphins Vs Seattle Seahawks [Week 1] “Who Do You Love”

It’s week one and we go on the road to arguably the toughest place to play in the league.  NO PROBLEM!!!!

Wake, Su and Mario Williams  are about to GO OFF on that Seattle O-line with no ‘Beast Mode’ to help them out.  SoLo D goes BEAST MODE as usual on a remix to this YG banger so Dolfans be sure to let everybody know WHO DO YOU LOVE 4LIFE!!

Follow along with the lyrics if you can!!


Verse 1

Im the one rep the Fins

Im the one that when its time to play a Game putting WORK IN

Representing for the New team- wit a New Dream

Tie the seahawks wings like shoe strings

Tannehill in his 5th year

The o-line crank the engine time to shift gears

Thru the field we gon zoom

Goin head 1st thru the Legion of Boom

New scheme new regime if we compete we cant lose

Come to silence your crowd

Dont speak or dont move

And we come to Aqua out all that Green n the blue

And Your new running back goin have a meeting with Suh

See You aint heard bout what the Defense will do

We got some secret weapons thats a secret to you

See we be reppin – disrespectin what you think you gon do

Come to watch ya like a Hawk

Then to the sea with these fools


Who do you love (4x)

Verse 2

I got a Method with Reppin

I keep on Reppin on Records

It aint no question Im Destined to be a DOLFAN

I made my presence so Epic

and for my team I get recklass

Im so extreme with my effort you see im ALL IN- (BALLIN)

I dont care what the critics talkin

Have Russell Wilson home alone Macaulay Culkin

Give Richard Sherman GPS becuz he lost them, boys Kenny Stills and Jarvis

Out the margin – plus we got Foster

So you know he oughta

Run through your D-line like Water out the faucet

We get Live round here you can ask Walter

Call a- Officer- cuz Jones gon assualt ya

Excuse me let me introduce Mr.Parker

He bout to take flight so get ready for Departure

We got our own DRAKE- So you know what that means

Started from Da bottom now we bout to smash That team

Ima hit the West Side wit the Fans Dem

Wit some Teal JORDANS on like CAMERON

#DWA its a fan thang

If you with us then its time to Join the campaign


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Miami Dolphins Vs Seattle Seahawks [Week 1] “Who Do You Love”